How often should I apply Bean Balm?

- We recommend before every walk or until dryness and cracking in no longer visible. However, this completely depends on your dogs/cats activity level and the type of environment your furry friend is in.

Is It safe for my pet to lick?  

- Of course! We use all natural food grade ingredients so it wont hurt them in the slightest, in fact they might enjoy it! If you would rather prevent licking we recommend to apply before any activity.

How do I apply Bean Balm?

You can either press the paw directly into the tin and massage into and in-between pads, or you can rub your fingers in the tin and then massage in. Whatever is easier for you and your pet.

Where can I apply Bean Balm?

- It can be applied to paws, elbows, ears and anywhere that is dry or cracking. 

Will it leave marks on clothes, carpet, furniture etc.?

- No, the balm is completely absorbed, and if it does that means you are applying too much. Just enough to leave the pads looking happy and healthy.

Is it just for dogs and cats?

It can be used on any animal! Dogs, cats, horses, chickens etc. However we recommend that you consult a veterinarian before use on exotic animals.